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Enhanced Email Marketing

We can help you reach a hyper-targeted audience where they are engaging most. Our wide-ranging database constructs user profiles based on: Location (i.e. city, county, state, zip code, DMA), Age, gender, education, income, etc., Areas of interest (i.e. cooking, travel, sports and more), Leverage display and email remarketing to reinforce your message.

email blasts

Email (created in one of our templates): Email blasts target most or all contacts in our mailing list, which makes your email blasts have a wide reach. We can customize these email blasts to send readers promotional content, newsletters, or contests. We target readers that specifically relate to your business and the product/service that is being advertised.

Targeted Mass Email Package: 10,000-19,999 or 1,000-5,000 

Instagram Post / Facebook Post Package

Our readers are always ready to share new information, learn about new businesses, and engage with posts to share, comment, or like. Social media is thriving, and we can help your business increase engagement on your social media channels, as well as share your message through sponsored content posts.

Mobile Marketing

Social Media Ads

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Nola Boomers Package

Social media post
Nola family social media post
BRPM Social media post

Hyper Targeted Package

Digital Display w/ Paid Social Media
Present Campaign
Competitive Campaign
Dominate Campaign

Our experts can help create impactful campaigns