At Family Resource Group Inc., we’re more than just magazine publishers; we are architects of comprehensive, national-scale print and digital campaigns. Our expertise extends beyond traditional print media, embracing the vast landscape of digital marketing to create tailored, impactful campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Let’s partner to build a powerful campaigns that propels your brand to new heights.

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Throughout the years, Family Resource Group, Inc. has evolved beyond conventional magazine publishing, solidifying our position as a foremost authority in the industry. We’ve adeptly facilitated significant community events, both in-person and digitally, integrating the finesse of print with the innovation of the digital realm. Our advanced online platforms and cutting-edge digital strategies provide our clients with a marked advantage, distinguishing them in a highly competitive market. For unparalleled expertise, entrust Family Resource Group, Inc.

Programmatic Display

Reach your target audience across the web and on mobile where they are, however they want to engage.

Targeted Email

We can guarantee a higher click-through rate, increased traffic, and higher conversion by targeting your ideal customer.

Lead Generation

By hosting a contest, you can gain a pool of information, including the names and email addresses of everyone who enters the contest.

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Where your dreams align with our skills, spanning from Baton Rouge to New York, we elevate your message through captivating magazine content and innovative digital platforms. Together, we’ll create a lasting impression.

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Our Publications

BR Parents magazine
Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

The go-to resource for Baton Rouge parents for over 32 years.

NOLA Family magazine
Nola Family Magazine

Parenting fearlessly in the Greater New Orleans area.

Colorado Parent Magazine
Colorado Parent Magazine

Colorado’s go-to parenting guide.

Pink & Blue Magazine

The go-to publication for new moms and expecting mothers.

Louisiana Boomers Magazine

Living fearlessly in the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.

Kid Scoop News

Awakening the magic of literacy and reading in Louisiana children.

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Over the decades, Family Resource Group, Inc. has transcended the realm of traditional magazine publishing, establishing ourselves as the premier industry beacon. Orchestrating grand community events, both live and virtual, we’ve seamlessly woven the tapestry of print and digital excellence. Our exclusive online platforms and avant-garde digital solutions equip our partners with a distinctive edge, setting them leagues apart in a competitive landscape. Choose the best, choose Family Resource Group, Inc.”

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At Family Resource Group Inc., we are dedicated to crafting bespoke media campaigns that are not only unique but are strategically designed to foster the growth and expansion of your business. Our expertise in creating tailored advertising solutions across both print and digital platforms positions us as the ideal partner to elevate your brand’s presence and market reach.