Family Resource Group Foundation

About FRG Foundation

The Family Resource Group Foundation is dedicated to empowering communities by providing essential resources, fostering literacy, and giving back to those in need. We are committed to making a positive impact by offering access to educational materials, facilitating community outreach initiatives, and donating resources to individuals and families facing challenges. Our mission is to create a brighter future for our communities by equipping individuals with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive.

Our Foundation Supporters

Kid Scoop News

Market Coverage

Kid Scoop News Louisiana currently reaches 25,000 first through fifth graders each month in public schools in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Our commitment

Kid Scoop News Louisiana continues to provide elementary-school children, free of charge, innovative and high-interest reading materials designed to encourage independent reading, both in school and at home. The more children read, the better they read. Access to high-interest reading materials drives the motivation to read, which in turn leads to reading achievement in school, and, ultimately, sucess in life.


Kid Scoop News Louisiana is funded entirely by grants and sponsorships. There is no cost to schools or community newspapers.

All funds flow through the Family Resource Group Foundation.

Kid Scoop News Literacy and Learning Lab

The Kid Scoop News Literacy and Learning Lab Family Room supports the community’s early readers and those from across the region and nation who will be making stops at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport while traveling. 

Family Resource Group Inc. and Kid Scoop News are committed to providing engaging educational content to encourage early literacy, as seen by the room’s creative design featuring fun activities cascading on the walls of the room. The designs came right off the pages of an issue of Baton Rouge Parents’ Kid Scoops News publication that Brandon and Amy Foreman, in partnership with EBRPL, have sponsored the distribution to East Baton Rouge 1st-5th grade classrooms since April 2021.

Sock It To Me! Drive

Sock it to Me! Sock Drive is an affordable and convenient way to touch the lives of children and adults in our community. Last year, thanks to local support from schools and businesses like yours, the Family Resource Group Foundation collected over 22,000 pairs of socks to help the less fortunate. We acknowledge and appreciate those who were able to help us collect this generous amount.