Our Story

31 years ago, Baton Rouge Parents Magazine set down its roots. Our goal was to develop engaging content that readers seek out every month, and it didn’t take long for us to be the magazine that Baton Rouge families live by. Our annual events, such as The Cover Kid Event and charitable projects, such as Sock It To Me, have helped grow both the magazine’s exposure as well as our clients’.

In the Spring of 2016, Pink & Blue hit the Baton Rouge market as the resource for expecting moms and new moms. Pink & Blue provides moms all the information they need to have successful pregnancies. Pink & Blue has been such a success, that we’re now expanding its distribution to New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Geaux Grow, our digital arm, started in 2020. We recognized a need for our partners and clients to have a digital presence as well as print. Now, we are able to build custom campaigns that reach several media types and audiences. From virtual tours to targeted emails, our digital agency is equipped to handle all forms of digital marketing.

Kid Scoop News came into existence shortly after. We spent 31 years publishing for parents, but now we can publish for children. KSN addresses one of the most prevalent reasons children fall behind in school: the absence of reading materials that motivate kids by relating to them in their cultures and experiences.

In July 2021, Family Resource Group Inc. acquired Nola Family Magazine and Nola Boomers. Nola Family Magazine and Nola Boomers were founded over 15 years ago. We discovered it’s potential and we knew we had the resources to help the magazines grow.

After discovering the full potential of Nola Boomers, we quickly made the transition to Louisiana Boomers Magazine, which now covers New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and their surrounding areas.

Now with seven in-house publications in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and numerous custom publications, Family Resource Group, Inc. is one of the largest publishers in Louisiana. Throughout the years, Family Resource Group, Inc. has become much more than a Publisher of printed magazines. We have built many large-scale community events, both live in person and online. Our online properties, unique digital products, and knowledge of living in both the print and digital world have given our clients an unprecedented advantage over competitors.