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Ad Specifications

Welcome to the Advertising Specifications section of Family Resource Group Inc., where we seamlessly integrate your advertising concepts with our multifaceted media channels. In our commitment to excellence, we understand the significance of providing detailed specifications for both print and digital advertisements. This section is dedicated to guiding you through the preparation and submission process for your advertisements, tailored for our prestigious magazines and our dynamic digital platforms.

For print advertising, you’ll find essential information on ad dimensions, file formats, and submission deadlines, ensuring your ads capture attention in our printed publications. In the realm of digital advertising, we detail the requirements for ad sizes, file types, and technical specifications to enhance your online impact.

Whether your focus is on the tactile experience of print or the expansive reach of digital, we’ve got you covered. Click below for an in-depth guide to the advertising specifications for both print and digital media. Together, let’s craft an advertising campaign that resonates powerfully with audiences across all our platforms.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At Family Resource Group Inc., we are committed to giving back to the community and supporting non-profit organizations in their mission to make a difference. We understand the power of advertising in amplifying important messages and causes. That’s why we offer special assistance to non-profits and community groups looking to spread their message through our media channels.

If you represent a non-profit or community group and are seeking support with advertising, we invite you to fill out our review form. This form is the first step in evaluating how we can assist you in sharing your message with a wider audience. Our team will carefully review your submission and explore the ways we can collaborate to make a meaningful impact.

Please below to access the form and start the process. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in making a positive change in our community.

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