Reach Your Audience

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Programmatic Display

Remember those ads you saw when you were playing games on your phone, scrolling through social media, using free apps, checking the weather, or browsing the Internet? Well, that’s basically what programmatic display ads are. Similar to ads you see online, these ads are placed according to bids. Your ad can reach chosen zip codes, age groups, and people looking for services similar to yours, instantly connecting you with new customers.

targeted email

If you have a message you want to share, we can help you share the word through our targeted email list. This list can be segmented based on your needs. If you want to reach certain zip codes, household incomes, families with children of certain ages, or families with dogs, we can help you do it. However, those aren’t the only segments that can be created. We can segment our email list to over 700 areas.

lead generation

By hosting a contest, you can gain a pool of information, including the names and email addresses of everyone who enters the contest. This also allows you to ask questions you may be seeking the answers to, to gather data that your business can use. Contest types include but are not limited to: photo contests, bracket contests, and giveaways.